Up TS850 Batt.

Amateur Radio


Base Station Info:

Radios:  Kenwood TS850s, Yaesu FT747GX, and Small Wonders Lab PSK20 QRP (~3w, kit built) on 14.070 PSK31/MFSK Power: on RTTY is 50-90w, on all other modes 3-35w.

Antennas:  20-meter dipole at 15ft  and a G5RV at 30ft - using an MFJ-901B Tuner

Interface: Homebrew PTT with attenuation and isolation (one-transistor circuit, adjustable attenuation)

Computer: Homebrew 2.4Ghz Pentium-4(ht) w/Soundblaster "Audigy-2" card

Software: MixW, Digipan, MMTTY, using my MD software for weather reports and QTH plotting with MapPoint

Airborne HF

Dell Celeron-366Mhz laptop, built-in COM1 port for GPS data, USB-serial adapter for radio control if necessary (PSK20 doesn't need the USB adapter) - display while in QSO with KB9UBZ (update: now using a Sager 2.8Ghz P4 laptop)

In-Flight MIXW Operation on PSK31

Here are a couple of frames from SSTV QSOs


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